Terms of Use

IslamiLifeBD ! Timeline & Messenger Combined into one Muslim Social Network App

Here's what you can do with (IslamiLifeBD):

-> IslamiLifeBD Timeline & Messenger is a Muslim Social Network platform where users share their news, photos, videos, audios and products, user can also write and publish articles, create groups and pages.

-> Islamic LifeBD is open to anyone, regardless of their religion or background and party affiliation. The only criterion for joining is that people on Islamic LifeBD respect others and refrain from posting inappropriate content.

-> In addition to the education of students / students to earn money: (Group Study, Question / Answer, online class, tuition, live class) and the opportunity to make money by creating posts and likes, comments, shares.

-> Jobs: Users have been given the ability to create and rent jobs, noting that there are teachers of any educational institution, imams and muezzins of mosques and there are arrangements for giving and receiving all kinds of jobs.

-> Funds: Users can raise funds and make payments, noting that there are mosques, madrasas or the poor, orphans, the needy, the helpless and all kinds of funds to help people.


Here's what you can't do with (IslamiLifeBD):

-> At Islami Life, we do not believe that social media platforms should be used for harmful, provocative or harmful purposes.

-> IslamiLifeBD recognizes that users are the largest and most valuable asset of a social media network.

-> IslamiLifeBD will not allow inappropriate content posted online. This includes, among other things, material related to the promotion of violence and cruelty (against animals),
These include drugs, alcohol, gambling, hate speech (against anyone, regardless of their background) or anything that encourages self-harm.